Boost Creativity By Exploring Other Interests

I certainly feel like I live a very full life. And by full, I mean a very busy work life. In some twisted way I kind of like being busy, however, when something fun like making pickled carrots has been on my to-do list for over a year, (not to mention I have a to-do list entitled “fun,” with only two things on it) it’s left me questioning my priorities. More specifically, it’s caused me to ask myself, what things are most important in my life and am I making room for them? Screech! Halt! Loaded question and not quite the point of this post so, I’ll just skip over this to tell you that this line of questioning inspired me to take an afternoon off to do a few of the things I’ve been dying to do—make pickled carrots and dust off my camera to photograph the process. Taking an afternoon to do this project on a whim felt exhilarating. It left me feeling inspired, recharged and excited to get back to work. It also made me realize that in order to stay inspired, I need to take breaks, explore other creative outlets and most importantly have fun! Feeling like you need a recharge? Make some pickled carrots (or explore another creative outlet). Here is the pickled carrot recipe I used. How do you recharge and what do you do to gain inspiration?


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Rue Shops Oakland

I am so incredibly honored to have been asked to feature my five favorite Oakland stores for Rue Magazine’s April 1st issue! I’ve been living in Oakland for a little over a year and while the transition hasn’t always been easy (I get really homesick), I am falling in love with Oakland’s laid back vibe, amazing people, and diverse offerings of independently owned stores — many of which are within walking distance from my apartment! If you haven’t seen the article, it can be found here and if you haven’t ever been to Oakland, come for a visit! Thanks so much to Rue Magazine for this opportunity! Thanks also to the talented photographer, Angie Silvy, and five stores (IssuesGood Stock, Neighbor, Crimson and Esqueleto)!

Rue Shops Oakland

Rue Shops Oakland

Rue Shops Oakland
Rue Shops Oakland
Rue Shops Oakland

Above photos by Angie Silvy

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Check Out My Winter Travel Essentials On Rue!

Winter Travel Essentials


I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE to travel so I thought it was fitting to put together a little must-have list when traveling during the winter. For the full story and links to the above items, be sure to head on over to Rue Magazine! Have any other items you think are essential for winter travel (besides pants!)?

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Graphics + Interiors = Dream Job With Rue Magazine

Rue Magazine

The one thing I love about freelancing is having the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Especially since I’m pretty sure I would go insane doing the same exact tasks day after day! With that said, I try to create a workflow that offers diversity and new challenges with every project. This means I often find myself bouncing between minor illustration work, surface prints and patterns for apparel, to layouts for printed pieces such as posters and brochures. I love the mix and am so thankful to each and every one of my clients! I’m especially excited at my newest working relationship with Rue magazine and couldn’t be more thrilled about combining my love for interiors and fashion into my weekly graphic design work! An example of a couple of spreads I’ve done for them can be found here and here. The Rue team is a dream to work with and I couldn’t be more excited to be an official member! The next issue is coming to digital stands this week so be on the lookout—it’s gonna be a good one!

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Office Goodies

Office Goodies

Since moving I haven’t really had a break in my schedule to think about my living or work space—until now! Although I haven’t actually started working on my office yet (I’m currently working on my kitchen), it’s definitely on my mind! So, here are a few items that April (my sourcing guru and sidekick) and I found that would be fun in a newly decorated work space. I think number five is my favorite. I miss the simplicity of flipping one switch to turn on the news or listen to the radio. So, the am/fm radio and mp3 player is right up my alley. How about you? Which is your favorite?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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INSPIRATION 01 // patterns & textures found on maps

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Images sourced by April Schneider


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Top Notch Type for Emmadime

Top Notch Type by Julie Edwards

Pop on over to Emma’s blog where you’ll find the above Top Notch Type submission I designed as well as a ton of other awesome posts. Be sure to stay awhile and check back often! I’m sure you’ll love her blog just as much as I do! P.S. If you are looking for a summer project, check out this diy geometric pillow case she recently posted. I’m totally adding it to my summer to-do list! 

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My Work In [BranD] Magazine

Brand Magazine cover

A few months ago, [BranD] Magazine contacted me about publishing my branding project for Armour Sans Anguish in their upcoming fashion issue and of course I said yes! I am so excited and honored to have my work included alongside so many talented designers. Below are a few pages from the magazine as well as the spread that includes my work. Thanks so much [BranD] Magazine!

Image 1 / DOTTIRDOTTIR / Matej Hlavacek
Image 2 / KONING / Arthur W. Presser
Image 3 / 739 SAGRA DEI OSEI / Elisa Vendramin & Claudio Gasparollo
Image 4 ARMOUR SANS ANGUISH / Julie Edwards

Brand Magazine 2

Brand Magazine 3

Brand Magazine 4
Armour Sans Anguish in Brand Magazine by Julie Edwards

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Find Me Over At Jen Serafini’s Blog!

Jen Serafini Blog

I feel so incredibly lucky and flattered to have recently been asked to participate in Jen Serafini’s Inspired By Series. If you ever wonder what inspires my work, head on over to her site for the full interview and an explanation for the random photos below! Thanks so much for including me Jen!

P.S. Jen also is a graphic designer and has an amazing portfolio and blog so be sure to click around her site for additional eye candy and inspiration!

nail polish
after the jump2

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Hot Off The Press! Red Egg And Ginger Party Invitations

Red Egg Ginger Invitations 3
Red Egg Ginger Invitations 1

Just designed these adorable Red Egg and Ginger Invitations to introduce the even cuter baby, Kalee Kang!

UPDATE! I have been receiving quite a few inquiries about the availability of this design. If you are interested in purchasing this card, feel free to send me an email stating the quantity and date you need this by and I’ll be happy to get you pricing. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for proofing, printing, and shipping.

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