Letterpressed Business Cards For Armour Sans Anguish

AsA Branding by Julie EdwardsAsA Branding by Julie EdwardsAsA Branding by Julie EdwardsAsA Branding by Julie Edwards

I recently just completed a super fun branding project for my friend and talented dressmaker, Tawny Holt of Armour Sans Anguish. After talking with Tawny and researching her Pinterest page, I found that she was drawn to geometric shapes. However, the aesthetics of her clothing line is quite the oppositeā€”romantic and whimsical. So, combining the two was quite the challenge. After sketching out a few ideas, I decided that combining hard edged lines with curvy lines is the perfect fit and works well for both the logo and sublogo. The cards were printed by The Mandate Press who were a breeze to work with. They couldn’t have turned out better and I highly recommend them! Ladies, if you haven’t seen Armour Sans Anguish dresses then you should definitely pop over to theirĀ etsy site now! Word of warning… you’re gonna need that credit card!

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