DIY: Crystal And Pyrite Necklace

DIY Necklace

A couple of weeks ago I made a necklace similar to the one above for a friend. After seeing it on her, I decided I wanted one too! So, I thought I’d snap a few photos and share the process with you!

Headpins (or wire)
3 Crystal Beads
2 Pyrite Beads
2 Pieces of Silver Chain Measuring 2 1/4″ Wide
4 Crimping Chain Connectors
2 Strips of Leather Cut Into 1/8″ x 9″ Strips (I used an old thrifted leather jacket)
4 Small Jump Rings (1/8″ Diameter)
2 Large Jump Rings (1/4″ Diameter)
2 Metal Triangle Beads
Wire Cutter (not shown in photo)
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Glue Gun (not shown in photo)
Sewing Machine (optional)

STEP 2: Grab a headpin. Snip off the end that has the head. Use your round nose pliers to create a circle one end of the wire.

STEP 3:  Insert the pin into a pyrite bead. Trim the side of the wire without the circle so it sticks out of the bead about 1/4 inch. Using your round nose pliers bend the remaining wire around the pliers to create a circle so you now have one circle on both ends of the bead.

STEP 4: Do steps 2 and 3 for the remaining pyrite and crystal beads.

STEP 5: Grab one of the pyrite beads which should now have the wire with a loop on both ends. Using your round nose pliers, create an opening in the loop. Grab a crystal bead and insert its loop inside the opening so the two beads are linked together. Close the opening using the flat nose pliers. Continue linking the beads until they are all linked together in the order shown in photo 5.

STEP 6: Grab one small jump ring and the triangle bead. Using the flat nose pliers, open the jump ring and attach it onto the triangle. Do the same with a another small jump ring. You should now have two small jump rings attached to one triangle. Do the same thing to the second triangle bead. Set them both aside.

STEP 7: Grab one chain and one chain connector. Slide the chain connector onto the chain and use your flat nose pliers to flatten the metal onto the chain until it’s securely attached. Do the same to the opposite side of the chain and then repeat this with your second piece of chain. Both chains should look like the chain in photo 7. Set aside.

STEP 8: Attach the triangle to one end of the string of beads we created in step 5. Do this by opening one of the jump rings on the triangle and hook it to the loop on the bead. Close the jump ring. Do the same to the opposite side. Now take the remaining jump ring that is on the triangle bead and attach it to the silver chain. Do the same to the opposite side. You should now have something that resembles the image in photo 8.

STEP 9:  We’re almost done! Next, attach your larger jump rings to both ends of the silver chains.

STEP 10: Grab a piece of leather and slide it into one of the large jump rings.

STEP 11: Fold the leather and glue it with your glue gun and then finish the necklace by doing the same to the opposite side.

* In addition to gluing the leather, I chose to add extra strength to the fold by running it through my sewing machine. This is probably a bit overboard but I always tend to go the extra mile!

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