10 Ways To Inspire Creativity


I certainly feel like I live a very full life. And by full, I mean a very busy work life. In some ways I like keeping busy, however, when something fun like making pickled carrots has been on my to-do list for over a year, (not to mention I have a to-do list entitled “fun” with only two things on it) I decided to take an afternoon off to do a few of the things I’ve been dying to do — make pickled carrots and dust off my camera to photograph the process. Taking an afternoon to do this on a whim felt exhilarating. It left me feeling inspired, recharged and excited to get back to work. It also made me realize that in order to stay inspired, I need to take breaks, explore other creative outlets and most importantly have fun! Feeling like you could use an inspiration boost? Start by trying a few of these ideas.

• Take an upholstery class at your local community college
• Sign up for a basket making workshop
• Take a photography or type class at Makeshift Society
• Get some blogging tips from Blogshop or Blog Academy
• Go to the museum
• Try my favorite exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise—Zumba with Lauren Fitz
• Collaborate on a project with someone who inspires you.
• Attend an Instagram Meetup
• Try a new recipe from Smitten Kitchen, or Thyme and Temp
 Attend or watch a Creative Mornings lecture

Have some more ideas to add to the list? How do you recharge and what do you do to inspire creativity?

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