My Whirlwind Vacation To Rome, Istanbul, And Paris



I. Love. Traveling. In fact, one of my clients likes to tease that I’m a wanderer. It’s not the most accurate description of me. However, for this trip, I think he may have got it right. The trip started out with a 4 hour drive to Los Angeles, California where we (myself and my husband) visited a few of our lovely friends for a couple of days. We then took a flight to Rome where we explored as much as possible within a very short 24 hours. From there we headed to Istanbul, then off to Paris, then back to L.A., Santa Maria, San Louis Obispo, and finally home. Phew! Although we were constantly on the go, I have to admit that I considered taking an overnight detour on our way home. I just didn’t want it all to end! I took tons of pictures and it was very hard to choose which ones to share. So, above is just a very small sampling of what I encountered. Enjoy! Do you have any big adventures coming up?

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  1. Ummm,are you telling me that you drove through SB and didn’t call me : ( So sad. I forgive you, I know how hard it is to see everyone in a short time. Love the pics and would love to catch up one of these days after you get settled in your new place. Sounds like you have a lot to share! xo

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