Sculptural Flash Drives by Yoo-Kyung Shin & Hanhsi Chen

The other day I was doing some packaging and product research for a client and found these amazing flash drives. Only problem is they are a wee bit out of our budget.

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My Logo Design Process

To develop an effective brand identity, it is extremely important to have a clearly laid out process that gives me guidance and allows clients to articulate their needs. While every designer has their own logo design process I have found that these few simple steps have saved me from miscommunication, frustration and unnecessary time and money spent on revisions.

1. GET TO KNOW MY CLIENTS (Questionnaire and Pinterest Board)
The most important part of the process is getting A LOT (the more the better!) of information from my clients. This enables me to understand what their business is about, what their needs are, and what they like and dislike. I get this information from my clients two ways. First, I send a design brief that includes questions such as, “What do you want your logo to communicate about your company or products?” and “Are there any images or concepts you DO NOT want to see?” These types of questions allow clients to think about their business goals and how they would like their company to be represented visually. Secondly, I encourage my clients to set up a Pinterest board. Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows individuals to collect and share their images and is a terrific way for clients to communicate their likes and dislikes. Below is a screenshot of the board that the High Five gals put together for me. Notice how they added comments about what they liked or disliked about the image?
Screenshot of Pinterest page

After I receive all the information above, I do my own research to inform myself on the latest trends within my client’s industry. If I’m not exactly clear on the style my client is after or if I want to push them in a certain direction, this is also when I show them images of a particular look and feel I am after.

After all that research, I usually have a pretty good idea of what direction I should go in and finally start designing. I usually spend about 2-3 days sketching. Once I have some good solid ideas on paper, I scan the three strongest designs and digitize them on my computer. It’s important that the logos are strong designs without any color (often clients choose logos because they are influenced by color). So, I almost always present the first round in black and white.
The High Five Factory Logo Sketches
Logo options for The High Five Factory

Once I submit the designs to my client, I wait for their feedback, make revisions and present color options based on inspiration photos they send me (see sample of color options based on images below). I then submit round two and repeat until complete!
Color Options

If you are a designer, what’s your logo design process? What works for you? What doesn’t? Or, if you have been on the receiving end, what made your experience good or bad? Let me know in the comments below—I’d love to know your thoughts!

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Type Crimes and Nerd Alerts!

When I first started dabbling with design, I didn’t know a thing about typography and was constantly trying to figure out why my text didn’t look like the text I saw in professional publications. I remember trying to fix this problem by changing the fonts thinking that was the problem but of course that never worked! If this sounds familiar, then you’ll definitely want to pick up the book, Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton. It’s an excellent overview of the history of typefaces and the principles of using them today. It includes great tips and tricks including highlighted Nerd Alerts (explanations and InDesign tips) and Type Crimes (common errors). Pick it up! I guarantee you’ll learn something from it! Or, if you’ve already read it, what did you think?

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How Amazing Are These Images?

Needlework by Gintare Pasakarnyte and Photo and post-processing by Ausra Osipaviciute. Via

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Totally Obsessed!

The timing of Judy Aldridge’s post about her newly decorated home over at Atlantis Home couldn’t be more perfect. That is, now that I’m moving and thinking about decorating my own space I can totally use some inspiration pictures and as always, Judy never disappoints! I am absolutely obsessed and will definitely have to steel a few ideas from her chic office space! What do you think? Need more? Click here!

Photos by Manny Rodriguez

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Change Is Never Easy

My husband and I have been in our current home for 10 years and have recently decided to move about 1.5 hours away. I know it’s not far, but we can’t help feeling sad (we’ve cried just about every day since making this decision). This has been our home, the place we have put our hearts and souls into, and the place where we are surrounded by all the people we love. I am going to miss it terribly but I also know that sometimes you need to give up a good thing to gain new good things. So, I am trying to remain positive and optimistic as I pack my home and sort through the memories of the journey that took me to the place I am at today. To those of you who have been a part of our lives these past 10 years, we can’t thank you enough for all the support and love you have poured on us. We love you dearly and are looking forward to making new memories with you in our new home!


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Pattern Love: Givenchy Resort Spring 2013

The prints and patterns in this collection are uh.may.zing! I am totally inspired by the mix of geometric shapes combined with bohemian inspired paisleys. See more photos from this collection here!

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My Grandpa Always Told Me…

Work Smarter, Not Harder


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DIY: Crystal And Pyrite Necklace

DIY Necklace

A couple of weeks ago I made a necklace similar to the one above for a friend. After seeing it on her, I decided I wanted one too! So, I thought I’d snap a few photos and share the process with you!

Headpins (or wire)
3 Crystal Beads
2 Pyrite Beads
2 Pieces of Silver Chain Measuring 2 1/4″ Wide
4 Crimping Chain Connectors
2 Strips of Leather Cut Into 1/8″ x 9″ Strips (I used an old thrifted leather jacket)
4 Small Jump Rings (1/8″ Diameter)
2 Large Jump Rings (1/4″ Diameter)
2 Metal Triangle Beads
Wire Cutter (not shown in photo)
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Glue Gun (not shown in photo)
Sewing Machine (optional)

STEP 2: Grab a headpin. Snip off the end that has the head. Use your round nose pliers to create a circle one end of the wire.

STEP 3:  Insert the pin into a pyrite bead. Trim the side of the wire without the circle so it sticks out of the bead about 1/4 inch. Using your round nose pliers bend the remaining wire around the pliers to create a circle so you now have one circle on both ends of the bead.

STEP 4: Do steps 2 and 3 for the remaining pyrite and crystal beads.

STEP 5: Grab one of the pyrite beads which should now have the wire with a loop on both ends. Using your round nose pliers, create an opening in the loop. Grab a crystal bead and insert its loop inside the opening so the two beads are linked together. Close the opening using the flat nose pliers. Continue linking the beads until they are all linked together in the order shown in photo 5.

STEP 6: Grab one small jump ring and the triangle bead. Using the flat nose pliers, open the jump ring and attach it onto the triangle. Do the same with a another small jump ring. You should now have two small jump rings attached to one triangle. Do the same thing to the second triangle bead. Set them both aside.

STEP 7: Grab one chain and one chain connector. Slide the chain connector onto the chain and use your flat nose pliers to flatten the metal onto the chain until it’s securely attached. Do the same to the opposite side of the chain and then repeat this with your second piece of chain. Both chains should look like the chain in photo 7. Set aside.

STEP 8: Attach the triangle to one end of the string of beads we created in step 5. Do this by opening one of the jump rings on the triangle and hook it to the loop on the bead. Close the jump ring. Do the same to the opposite side. Now take the remaining jump ring that is on the triangle bead and attach it to the silver chain. Do the same to the opposite side. You should now have something that resembles the image in photo 8.

STEP 9:  We’re almost done! Next, attach your larger jump rings to both ends of the silver chains.

STEP 10: Grab a piece of leather and slide it into one of the large jump rings.

STEP 11: Fold the leather and glue it with your glue gun and then finish the necklace by doing the same to the opposite side.

* In addition to gluing the leather, I chose to add extra strength to the fold by running it through my sewing machine. This is probably a bit overboard but I always tend to go the extra mile!

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Letterpressed Business Cards For Armour Sans Anguish

AsA Branding by Julie EdwardsAsA Branding by Julie EdwardsAsA Branding by Julie EdwardsAsA Branding by Julie Edwards

I recently just completed a super fun branding project for my friend and talented dressmaker, Tawny Holt of Armour Sans Anguish. After talking with Tawny and researching her Pinterest page, I found that she was drawn to geometric shapes. However, the aesthetics of her clothing line is quite the opposite—romantic and whimsical. So, combining the two was quite the challenge. After sketching out a few ideas, I decided that combining hard edged lines with curvy lines is the perfect fit and works well for both the logo and sublogo. The cards were printed by The Mandate Press who were a breeze to work with. They couldn’t have turned out better and I highly recommend them! Ladies, if you haven’t seen Armour Sans Anguish dresses then you should definitely pop over to their etsy site now! Word of warning… you’re gonna need that credit card!

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